20 Sept 2014


Circus class messed me up. I didn't warm up properly. I was late, work and all, usual stuff, you know. So I jumped straight in the exercise - the next day, my calf muscles gave up. They were so tight I couldn't stretch them straight, I couldn't walk, and of course, I couldn't run. It's been more than a week. Oh well. A temporary pause can't be so bad.

What's bad is I've picked up smoking again and I loathe myself for that.

What's bad is this indolent air, the idle work stream, the continuous sound of the TV, the repetition of the same websites that I visit every day. I'm running out of battery. I know I need to recharge and a trip somewhere would normally do exactly that, but I only have enough holidays left to go home at the end of the year. So, re-charge just have to wait. The perks of working for someone else, ey?

For now, I distract myself by planning for several holidays coming next year. Also, I've started my consulting project for a charity that I believe in. So there's that.

Life ain't too bad. Not so good either. Heh.
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